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Time to Shine: How To Get The Best Spray Tan For Prom

Updated: 4 hours ago

Four teenagers dressed in elegant prom attire stand against a pink background with balloons and confetti. Text overlay reads 'Time to Shine: How to Get the Best Spray Tan for Prom' with the website at the bottom.

Hey there, glow getter! Can you feel the excitement building? We're talking about that magical night you've been dreaming of – yes, the one filled with dazzling lights, elegant dances, and memories to last a lifetime. It's your time to shine, and we're here to help you get the best spray tan for prom so you can sparkle like never before!

Picture this: You've found the dress of your dreams, meticulously planned every detail, and your date is ready to sweep you off your feet. But wait – there's one more essential step to ensure you're the epitome of radiance: your tan! Here at Shine Spray Tanning, we're dedicated to making you feel like the celestial being you truly are. We're not just about tanning; we're about enhancing your natural beauty, giving you that extra boost of confidence to conquer the night.

So, let's talk tanning – because darling, you deserve to dazzle from head to toe! We're about to embark on a journey of dos and don'ts, ensuring your formal tan is nothing short of perfection. Because in a world where every detail matters, your glow should be no exception. Let's dive in and make your shimmering dreams a reality!

Multiple white alarm clocks on a light pink background with the text "Timing is Key: When to Get Your Tan" on the right side.

Timing is Key: When to Get Your Tan

First things first – let's talk timing, darling! We're all about ensuring your glow-up game is on point for the big night. So, here's the golden rule: schedule your tan a day or two before your grand event. Why, you ask? Well, it's all about giving your tan the love and attention it deserves.

Picture this: You stroll into Shine Spray Tanning, excitement bubbling as you envision the radiant glow that awaits. With expert care and precision, our team works their magic, creating a canvas of golden perfection just for you. But here's the secret sauce – your tan needs time to settle, to develop into that breathtaking hue that will have heads turning as you glide into the room.

By scheduling your tan a day or two before your big night, you're giving it the VIP treatment it deserves. This ample time allows your tan to settle seamlessly into your skin, ensuring it's perfectly polished and radiant when you step out into the spotlight. No streaks, no surprises – just pure, unadulterated confidence radiating from every pore.

So, mark your calendar – it's tan o'clock! With a little planning and a touch of magic, you'll step out on the big night with the confidence and radiance of a true star. Let the countdown begin to your moment in the spotlight – because with Shine Spray Tanning, you're destined to shine bright!

Remember, prom season is bustling with excitement, and appointments fill up fast. Don't wait until the last minute to secure your spot! Click the button below to book your spray tan right now. Don't worry; the booking process is super quick, and I'll wait for you to get back before sharing any more tips + tricks!

Multiple pairs of legs in varying shades of tan wearing pink high heels on a light pink background with gold confetti, and the text "Selecting Your Shade: The Ultimate Guide" on the right side.

Selecting Your Shade: The Ultimate Guide

Oh, I know the struggle – wanting to radiate that inner glowing goddess energy without veering into the dreaded "oops, I resemble an orange" territory. But guess what? I've got your back, as always, with some seriously savvy tips to guide you through this process. Sure, there are tons of things to think about when it comes to shade selection, but for today, let's focus on what you need to know for prom. But hey, if you're hungry for even more wisdom on this topic (and who wouldn't be?), be sure to check out our other post: "Tan, Not Tangerine: The Scientific Art of Shade Selection." Trust me, it's a game-changer! Let's get glowing, my darlings! 🌟

Picture Perfect: 

Let’s paint the scene… It’s finally prom night… You're posing with your date, the camera capturing every moment of your enchanting evening. But wait – will your tan wash out your partner in photos? Don't fret! We've consulted an expert. Elopement Photographer Samantha Neiman, with Stay Wild Creative, has built her career capturing formal events behind the lens and offers invaluable insight.

A photograph of a smiling woman holding a camera, with the text "Stay Wild Creative" below the image. The photo is set against a natural outdoor background and is styled like a Polaroid picture.

When asked why one should consider photography when selecting a spray tan shade for a formal event, she explained, “Picking the incorrect spray tan hue for a fancy shindig could really mess with how your better half pops in pics; in photography, skin complexion affects how light interacts with the skin's surface. Darker skin tones absorb more light, while lighter tones reflect more. When people with contrasting complexions are photographed together, the camera may struggle to balance exposure, leading to one person looking washed out and the other appearing too dark.” Remember to opt for a shade that not only enhances your own radiance but also complements your partner's complexion. “The goal is to achieve photos where everyone looks their best.” It's all about striking that perfect balance, ensuring you both shine together in every snapshot.

Dress to Impress: 

Ah, the pièce de résistance – your stunning dress! Whether you're strutting in a timeless black gown or dazzling in a vibrant hue, your tan should be the ultimate accessory to elevate your look. But fear not, dear friend, for we've got you covered. Stay tuned for our comprehensive guide on matching your tan to complement your dress color flawlessly. With our expert advice, you'll be turning heads and stealing the spotlight with every step you take.

A lineup of six women wearing various formal dresses, each representing different skin tones suitable for different tan shades. The dresses range from dark pink for dark tans, black for medium plus tans, rose gold for medium tans, teal for medium tans, ivory for light tans, and light lavender for light tans. The text labels below each woman indicate "DARK," "MEDIUM +," "MEDIUM," and "LIGHT" to correspond with the tan shades

Bold Warm Colors

When wearing bold warm colors, your tan should provide a radiant backdrop that enhances the vibrancy of your ensemble. Choose a Medium Plus tan shade with warm hues to complement the richness of these colors.

Black ●

When donning a classic black gown, your tan should exude a radiant warmth without overpowering. Opt for a Medium to Dark tan shade that adds depth to your complexion, enhancing the contrast against the dark fabric.


For dresses in champagne, rose gold, gold, or silver tones, your tan should enhance the luxurious sheen of these metallic hues. Opt for a Medium tan shade with a luminous glow that complements the opulence of metallic fabrics.

Cool Jewel Tones Cool jewel-toned dresses call for a tan that provides a luminous contrast without clashing with the intensity of the colors. Opt for a Medium tan shade that harmonizes with the sophistication of jewel tones.


For ivory or white dresses, aim for a subtle, natural-looking tan that enhances your skin's luminosity. Choose a Light to Medium tan shade with soft, sun-kissed hues.

Pastels For pastel-colored dresses, aim for a tan shade that imparts a soft and romantic glow without overpowering the delicate color palette. Choose a Light tan shade that enhances your natural radiance.

Selecting the perfect shade for your tan is indeed an art, blending the desire to glow with elegance and avoiding any faux pas along the way. By considering factors like photography and dress color, you can ensure your tan enhances your overall look and radiance, whether you're walking down the red carpet or posing for timeless snapshots. Remember, it's not just about the tan; it's about crafting a cohesive and confident appearance that allows you to shine in every setting. With the guidance provided in this ultimate guide, you're equipped to step out with grace, poise, and an irresistible glow that commands attention and admiration. So go ahead, embrace your inner goddess, and let your radiant tan be the perfect finishing touch to your stunning ensemble. Here's to looking and feeling your absolute best at every moment!

A close-up image of a woman's shoulder and chest area, showcasing the strap of a purple dress being adjusted. The background is a light lavender color with star-shaped confetti. The text on the right side of the image reads, "Dress Details: The Tanlines to Avoid.

Dress Details: Tanlines to Avoid

So, you've found the dress of your dreams – the one that hugs your curves in all the right places, exudes elegance, and makes you feel like royalty. But before you step into the spotlight at your formal event, there's one more essential step to perfecting your look: ensuring your tan complements the cut of your gown. Here at Shine Spray Tanning, we've got you covered with expert tips and tricks to ensure your tan shines as bright as your dress.

Two circular images showcasing Shine Studios. The left image shows a brick-front studio at sunset, and the right image shows another studio with a pink facade under a clear sky. The text on the right reads, "Visit Our Studios" with a "Book Now" button below it. The button is light pink with black text.

For Spray Tan Appointments at a Shine Studio:

When you book your appointment at our Shine Studio, it's essential to consider what you'll be wearing during your session. After all, no one wants pesky tan lines stealing the show on the big day! Our professional technicians are trained to ensure you're comfortable throughout your appointment, whether you opt for a bra, top, bathing suit, or choose to go topless for a seamless tan application.

Selecting the right undergarments that match the cut of your dress is crucial to achieving a flawless tan. If your dress features a plunging neckline or a backless design, going topless during your spray tan appointment may be the best option to ensure an even tan coverage. Rest assured, our team will make you feel at ease and ensure your comfort every step of the way.

A collection of Shine at Home tanning products including mousse, lotion, tan drops, a blending brush, an exfoliating mitt, a back applicator, and a purple shower cap. The text on the right reads, "Shine at Home" with a "Shop Now" button below it. The button is light pink with black text.

For Tanning at Home with SHINE Bronzing:

If you're opting for the convenience of tanning at home with our Shine@Home Self Tanning Mousse, fear not – achieving a flawless tan that compliments your dress is still within reach. To ensure a seamless application, our Shine Application Mitt is the perfect companion for your tanning routine. Designed with a waterproof lining, this mitt eliminates the need for gloves, providing a mess-free and convenient experience. Simply slip on the mitt and effortlessly blend the tanning product onto your skin, ensuring an even and streak-free application every time.

For those hard-to-reach places like your back, enlist the help of a buddy or our Shine@Home Back Blender. Its unique design and flexible handle allow for effortless application, ensuring a seamless and streak-free tan on your back. Say goodbye to missed spots or unevenness – with our back blender, achieving an all-over glow has never been easier.

And let's not forget those delicate areas such as your hairline, hands, and feet. Our Blending and Contouring Brush is perfect for fine-tuning and ensuring a natural transition between your tan and your skin. Say hello to perfectly blended contours and flawless finishes – because when it comes to your tan, every detail matters.

So, whether you're getting your glow at our Shine Studio or tanning at home with Shine@Home Self Tanning Mousse, rest assured that achieving a tan that complements the cut of your gown is within reach. With our expert tips and quality products, you'll be ready to dazzle at your formal event with confidence and radiance like never before!

Shine tanning products, including a mousse and tan extender, are displayed with a sparkling pink background. The text reads "Extending Your Glow: Tips for Post-Event Radiance," emphasizing maintaining a radiant tan after events.

Extending Your Glow: Tips for Post-Event Radiance

Just because Cinderella's magic faded at midnight doesn't mean yours has to! Here are some tips and tricks to keep the magic going long after your formal event:

  1. Avoid Water Contact: Continue to wait before showering to let your tan settle even after the event. This helps maintain its flawless allure for days to come.

  2. Wear Loose Clothing: Keep opting for loose attire to preserve your tan and ensure it stays vibrant and flawless.

  3. Use Tan-Safe Moisturizer: Hydrate your skin regularly with a tan-safe moisturizer to prolong the life of your tan and keep it looking radiant.

  4. Avoid Exfoliants: Steer clear of harsh exfoliants even after the event to prevent premature fading of your tan.

  5. Apply Extender Lotion: Keep your tan glowing longer by applying Shine's Extender Lotion regularly. This helps maintain its brilliance and ensures you keep radiating confidence beyond the night of your formal event.

If you're interested in learning even more about extending your tan, read our blog post "Shine On: Unlocking Secrets to Prolonging Your Spray Tan". With these simple yet effective tips, you can ensure your tan continues to shine bright, allowing you to bask in your radiant glow long after the final dance. So go ahead, extend the magic – because with Shine Spray Tanning, your glow knows no bounds!

A sparkling disco ball is set against a pastel pink background, surrounded by shimmering stars. The elegant script "Shine On!" is displayed prominently, adding a touch of glamour and excitement.

So, there you have it – your ultimate guide to rocking a flawless tan for your formal event! We've walked you through every step, from choosing the perfect shade to ensuring your tan compliments your dress flawlessly. At Shine Spray Tanning, we're not just in the business of tanning; we're dedicated to making you feel like the belle of the ball, with a radiant glow that steals the show and leaves everyone in awe.

With our expert tips and quality products, you're not just getting a tan – you're getting an experience. It's about more than just looking good; it's about feeling confident, empowered, and ready to conquer the world. So get ready to shine bright, beautiful – your moment in the spotlight awaits, and with Shine Spray Tanning by your side, you're sure to make it unforgettable!

💜 Shine On

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