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Glow with the Flow: What to Expect & Spray Tan Etiquette

Updated: 5 hours ago

Hey Glow-Getters! Welcome to "Glow with the Flow," your ultimate guide to mastering the art of spray tanning. Whether you're a spray tan newbie or a seasoned bronzing enthusiast, this blog is your golden ticket to understanding everything about spray tans – from essential pre-tan preparations to the nitty-gritty of post-tan care. We're diving deep into the world of spray tans, breaking down the dos and don'ts, and uncovering the secrets to making your tan last longer and look stunning. So, let's embark on this sun-kissed journey together, and get ready to rock that perfect, glowy tan that's all about celebrating you!

Guidance on Pre-Tan Preparations

Alright, let's get you set for that fabulous spray tan! First up, mark your calendar for your spray tan session, aiming for one to two days before your big event. If you’re treating yourself to a mani-pedi, make sure to do it BEFORE your tan!  It's all about ensuring your tan is as flawless as your nails. On the day of your tan, skip the gym. Trust me, a fresh tan beats any workout glow, and we don't want sweat playing spoilsport.

Now, the golden rule: exfoliation. A smooth, exfoliated skin means an even, long-lasting tan. For more tips on perfecting your pre-tan routine, check out our blog post Radiate Confidence: Prepping Your Skin for a Flawless Spray Tan. And don't forget to explore our Shine Self Tan Prep Accessories by visiting our online Shine Shop for that extra pampering.

Skincare Products to Avoid

Let's talk about a crucial step in your journey to that sun-kissed glow – ditching some of your daily skincare products before your tan session. I know, I know, parting with your beloved lotion, deodorant, makeup, or perfumes even for a day might seem tough, but trust me, it's for the best.

Here's the deal: these products are super clingy. They stick to your skin and create a barrier, kind of like an invisible shield. And while that's great for your daily beauty routine, it's not so great when you're trying to get that gorgeous, even tan. When you waltz into our Shine, we'll greet you with our special makeup and deodorant removal wipes, whisking away any leftover products, ensuring your skin is in its purest form, ready to embrace that fabulous tan.

Clothing Choices for the Appointment

Choosing what to wear during your spray tan is all about balancing comfort with your style goals.  Whether you're aiming for discreet tan lines that hide under your most daring outfits or going for an all-over glow, your choice in the tanning booth sets the stage. When it comes to undergarments during your spray tan, remember this golden rule: whatever stays on gets a tan line. 

For all my ladies out there, you do you! Whether it's a comfy tank and shorts, an old bra and undies, going topless, or embracing your full goddess glory nude – it's all about what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Just remember, your tan lines will be the mirror image of whatever you choose to wear (or not wear). And for the gents, we've got a simple guideline – trunks or briefs are a must. Think of them as your tan line tailors, defining just how your sun-kissed look will play out. And a pro tip: make sure to wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment. This helps to avoid any unwanted marks or stains on your clothes post-tan.




The Equipment: Not Your Average Paint Gun

Okay, let's talk tech – but not the boring kind! In our spray tan sessions, we use what's called HVLP (high volume low pressure) equipment to get that golden glow onto your skin. Picture this: it's like the most advanced, skin-friendly paint gun, but instead of paint, it's your ticket to Tanville!

And let's clear the air – no, it's nothing like the paint sprayer your hubby might joke about using at home. Those home paint guns? They're high pressure and could be a no-go for your skin. Our equipment is designed to be gentle yet effective, ensuring an even, beautiful tan without any of the ouch-factor.

The Solutions: A Tan for Every Skin

Our tanning solutions are like a wardrobe for your skin – there's something for everyone! With five bronzed levels, a clear option, and two express solutions, you're spoiled for choice. Want to add a health kick to your tan? Try our Vitamin D drops, using patch technology to infuse your skin with goodness while you wear your tan. It's like a wellness boost with every glow!

To learn more about how we select the perfect shade for your unique complexion, read our blog post: Tan, Not Tangerine: The Scientific Art of Shade Selection or take a look at our online Find My Shade Quiz!

The Steps: From Consultation to Drying

First up is the consultation. This isn't just small talk; it's about understanding you, your skin, and your tan goals. Why are you getting sprayed? How does your skin usually react to the sun? This chat helps us pick the perfect level of DHA (that's the magic ingredient for your tan) just for you.

Next, you'll head to a private room to prep (think undressing and applying barrier cream if needed). Feeling a bit shy? Totally normal. Remember, we're here to make you feel comfortable and fabulous, not awkward.

Then, it's showtime! Our Shine-specific poses aren't your average yoga moves – they're designed to make sure every inch of you gets that glorious tan. Yes, we're talking elbow wrinkles, underboobs, and even those tricky butt creases. It's all about coverage, darling.

Post-spray, you'll enjoy a quick air hose drying session. Think of it as a mini spa moment. Once you're dressed, meet us at the wipe down bar. We'll take care of any overspray on hands, feet, and nails, and then chat about shower times and any must-have products to extend your tan's life.


The Art of Communication: It's Everything!

Okay, my tan-seeking friends, when you're sitting (or standing) there about to get your tan on, remember this: talking to your technician is key! It's not just chit-chat; it's about getting you the best tan of your life.

Your skin type, your tanning history, that dream shade you’ve been eyeing – spill it all! Our consultation process is designed to pick the perfect solution for you. It’s like creating a custom dress; the better the measurements (or in this case, information), the better the fit (or tan!).

Questions, Questions, Questions!

Now, don’t be shy to ask questions. Wondering about the best time to shower after your session? Curious about maintaining that gorgeous glow? Ask away! Our goal is to ensure you strut out of here not just with a tan but with all the know-how to keep it stunning.  There’s no such thing as a stupid question. 

And hey, we get it – sometimes life happens, and a touch-up might be needed. That’s why we offer a 24-hour free touch-up. Yes, you heard that right – free! We’re committed to making sure your tan is nothing short of perfection.

Speak Up: Your Comfort is Our Priority

Let’s talk comfort. We know that getting a spray tan can make you feel a bit vulnerable. Standing there, in all your glory, can be a bit nerve-wracking. We all have our body image battles, and we're here to support you, not judge.

If there's anything – and I mean anything – making you uncomfortable or if you have any concerns, please speak up. Whether it's the room temperature, the tanning poses, or just needing a moment to breathe – your comfort is our top priority. Our technicians are pros not just in tanning but in making you feel at ease. We’re like your tanning confidantes!


The Golden Rules Post-Tan

Alright, you’ve been sprayed and you're glowing, probably wondering, "Now what?" Well, let's dive into the golden rules of post-tan care to keep that beautiful glow thriving. First things first, it's crucial to pause on showering or engaging in any sweat-inducing activities for the next 8 hours, or 4 hours if you've chosen the Express Solution. This waiting period is essential to let your tan set perfectly, ensuring it develops evenly and lasts longer.

Next up, it’s all about hydrating that stunning skin of yours. Make moisturizing a daily ritual with tan-friendly choices like Hempz or Shine's Extend Tan Moisturizer. Think of these as the nurturing embrace your skin needs after a tan. And for my beach enthusiasts and poolside loungers, a little heads-up: chlorine and saltwater are not the best pals for your new tan, as they can accelerate fading. So, let's keep those swims to a gentle minimum for now, okay? Also, during the first five days post-tan, treat your skin with the utmost care, avoiding any rough or abrasive treatments. Gentle love is the way to go to maintain that fabulous tan.

The Long Game: Keeping That Tan Glorious

Want to keep riding that tan wave? We've got you covered. Shine's Tan Extend Lotion, Tanning Drops, and the Tan Touch Up Spray are like the dream team for your tan maintenance. They're specially formulated to extend the life of your spray tan, giving you more time to rock that glow.

Check out our blog post, Shine On: Unlocking Secrets to Prolonging Your Spray Tan, for all the insider tips and tricks to become a tan extending pro! And don't forget to visit our Shine Shop at this link to discover all the amazing products we have to keep that tan looking fresh and fabulous.

Oops, Spotted an Imperfection?

Hey, nobody’s perfect, and sometimes, neither is a tan. Noticed a little unevenness or a stray imperfection after your tan develops? No stress! Give us a call within 24 hours, and we'll set you up with a free touch-up. We're all about making sure you love your tan, from start to finish.

In summary, post-tan care is all about the right balance of showering, moisturizing, and being gentle with your skin. With the right products and a little know-how (thanks to our blog), you can keep that tan looking as fresh as the day it was sprayed. And if you hit a little bump in the road, we're here to smooth it out. Your tan journey is our journey, too. Let’s make it shine!


Setting the Stage for Comfort and Professionalism

Creating a comfy and professional vibe during your spray tan session is like setting the scene for a fabulous experience. Here’s a simple yet effective tip: punctuality is key! Arrive early or right on time. This gives you a moment to breathe, chat with your technician, and go over any concerns without the clock ticking too loudly in the background. It’s about making the space your own, where you feel relaxed and ready for your tan transformation.

The Tan Session No-No’s

There are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure your tan comes out looking like a million bucks. First, try not to touch your skin during the session. I know, it might be tempting, but let’s keep those hands at bay to avoid smudging your soon-to-be perfect tan.

And those joints? Only bend them when your tan tech gives you the green light. This helps prevent those sneaky creases and smudges.

Dressing too soon? Hold your horses! Make sure you’re fully dry, as per the time your tech suggests. Patience, lovely, is a virtue, especially when it comes to a flawless tan.

Speak Up, Buttercup!

Feeling a bit uneasy or not quite loving how it’s going? Speak up! We’re here to make your spray tan dreams come true, and your happiness is our top priority. If there’s something you want more (or less) of during the session, just let us know. Communication is key – we’re all ears and ready to adjust to make sure you leave feeling fantastic.

And hey, if there’s ever anything on your mind after the session, our owner, Angie – a passionate single mom and entrepreneur – is always here to listen and help. Her business is her baby, and ensuring you have the best experience is her mission. So don't hesitate to reach out. We’re in this together – your satisfaction, your comfort, and your radiant tan are what drive us every day.


Immediate Appearance Post-Tan

Let's set the scene for what you'll see right after your spray tan session. With most of our Shine Solutions, except the Clear one, you'll notice a cosmetic bronzer on your skin. Think of this as the sneak peek of your tan – it's there to show where the product's been applied and to start setting the tone.

Many of our solutions have a purple base bronzer, intentionally chosen to counteract any yellow tones. We hear you – no one wants to leave looking like a citrus fruit! This choice is all about ensuring you get a naturally gorgeous color. And here's a little secret: this initial bronzer, it's just for show. It'll wash off during your first shower, revealing the true color of your tan.

For those who naturally have a more yellow-based skin tone, we can even add an extra purple punch to any formula, customizing it just for you.

The Tan Development Timeline

Over the next 8 hours post-session, your tan will gradually darken. This is the DHA, the active ingredient in the tanning solution, working its magic with the amino acids in your skin. It's like a little chemistry lab on your skin surface, turning those outermost dead skin cells a lovely shade of brown.

After you wash off the bronzer, the tan might appear slightly lighter, but don't worry – it's still there, doing its thing. Remember, a spray tan isn't a dye; it's a beautiful, temporary transformation of your skin's outer layer.

Busting Myths and Setting Realistic Goals

Now, let's bust some myths and manage those tan expectations. First off, for my light-skinned, light-haired friends who dream of a deep, dark tan – let's keep it real. Going too dark can lead to an unnatural orange hue and a patchy fade-off. Stick to Light or Light Plus levels. These will give you a beautifully natural look and wear off evenly, probably giving you the deepest tan you've ever had.

For those with medium hair and eye color who may burn a bit before tanning, Medium or Medium Plus is your go-to. It'll give you that perfect sun-kissed look without going overboard. And for the lucky ones with dark hair and eyes who tan like a dream, feel free to explore the full range, right up to our darkest levels. You can rock those deeper tones beautifully.

And there you have it, beautiful souls – your comprehensive guide to navigating the radiant world of spray tanning with confidence and ease. From prepping like a pro to maintaining that gorgeous glow, we've covered it all. Remember, a great spray tan is not just about the color; it's about the experience, the confidence it brings, and the joy of embracing your unique beauty. So, next time you step into a spray tan session, you'll be armed with knowledge, ready to make informed choices, and most importantly, ready to shine bright. Keep glowing, keep shining, and let your tan be a reflection of the fabulous person you are. Here's to glowing with the flow, every step of the way!

Shine On 💜

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