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Elevate your self-tanning routine with our exclusive Glow Up Starter Kit! This all-in-one set is designed to give you a flawless, natural-looking tan while nourishing and pampering your skin. Here’s what you’ll find inside:


Custom Bronzing Mousse (4.2 oz)

Our signature bronzing mousse is formulated with organic ingredients and a subtle purple base to ensure a streak-free, radiant tan. Perfect for all skin types, this mousse dries quickly and delivers a beautiful, sun-kissed glow that lasts. Choose from four popular Shine Shades—Light, Medium, Medium+, and Dark—to find the perfect match for your skin tone.


Extend Lotion (4 oz)

Keep your tan looking fresh and vibrant longer with our Extend Lotion. This hydrating formula is packed with skin-loving ingredients that lock in moisture and enhance your tan, giving you an even, lasting color.


Shine On Application Mitt Achieve a perfect, even application every time with our Shine On Application Mitt. This plush mitt ensures smooth coverage and helps you apply the bronzing mousse effortlessly, without any mess.


Surprise Gift! Who doesn’t love a surprise? Each Glow Up Starter Kit includes a special surprise gift, adding an extra touch of joy to your tanning experience.


Find Your Perfect Shade Not sure which Shine Shade is right for you? Take our Find My Shine Quiz to discover your ideal match! Visit Find My Shine Quiz and get personalized recommendations for a flawless, sun-kissed glow.


Get ready to shine from the inside out with the Glow Up Starter Kit, your ultimate solution for a healthy, gorgeous tan without the UV exposure. Shine on and enjoy your glow! ✨



  • Organic Bronzing Mousse: Provides a natural, streak-free tan with a quick-drying formula.
  • Hydrating Extend Lotion: Keeps your tan fresh and vibrant, locking in moisture for lasting color.
  • Plush Application Mitt: Ensures smooth, even coverage without any mess.
  • Special Surprise Gift: Adds an extra touch of joy to your tanning experience.
  • Versatile Shades: Available in Light, Medium, Medium+, and Dark to match your skin tone perfectly.
  • Personalized Shade Matching: Take the Find My Shine Quiz to discover your perfect shade and achieve the best results.

Glow Up Starter Kit - Best Natural Looking Self Tan Kit

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