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Take your tanning prep to the next level with the SHINE Exfoliating Mitt, the second step in our "Double E" Sunless Tan Prep method. This dual-sided mitt offers both gentle and deep exfoliation options, making it perfect for preparing for a spray tan. By using the SHINE Exfoliating Mitt after the SHINE Dry Brush, you’ll ensure your skin is impeccably smooth and ready for the best self tan application. This mitt removes any lingering dead skin cells and fading tan, leaving your skin soft and prepped for a flawless, long-lasting tan.


Key Benefits:

  • Dual-Sided: Offers both gentle and deep exfoliation options.
  • Smooths Skin: Removes any remaining dead skin cells for perfect tan prep.
  • Enhances Tan Longevity: Ensures a more even, longer-lasting tan.
  • Removes Fading Tan: Clears away old tan residue to refresh your skin.

Exfoliating Mitt

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