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A Certified S.P.A. (Shine Pro Affiliate) is a SHINE-approved independent provider who has successfully completed our comprehensive training and certification program. They are experts in SHINE's techniques and use our premium SHINE Solutions to deliver a flawless, natural-looking Shine Tan.

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Wicked Beauty l 2928 N. 108th St l Taylor 402-214-4567 & Becka 612-426-0904

SunWell Mobil Tanning Omaha I Tessie I

Glow Spray Tanning | Columbus, Ne | 402-562-9044

Skin Envy Dermatology I Fremont, Ne I 402-936-6198

Skin Envy Dermatology l Wayne, Ne l 531-519-6074

IG sprayedbymads| College Mobile Service | 402-690-8970

IG sprayedbymazi | @ KU | 402-983-1961

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