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our story

Hey there, beautiful souls! I'm Angie Ruh, the founder of Shine Tanning Solutions, and I'm thrilled to share our journey with you. It all began 25 years ago when a spark of inspiration was ignited during my time as an esthetics instructor. A curious student's story about spray tanning set my passion ablaze, leading me to Hilton Head, South Carolina, to learn from the pioneer of spray tanning. In 2002, I brought that invaluable knowledge back to Nebraska and launched Shine Tanning Solutions, offering a healthier, radiant alternative to traditional tanning.

Since then, we've expanded our tanning solutions from a single formula to an impressive lineup of seven, including 5 Shine Shades, Clear, and Express. Our commitment to innovation doesn't stop there. We launched the Shine Pro Affiliate education initiative, empowering professionals with the training and resources needed to elevate their businesses. Our Pilot Line of Self-Tanning products and expanded retail offerings now include accessories, prep and extend products, and tools. Plus, our online tutorials and education are designed to make everyone feel confident when they SHINE.

But that's not all! We've transformed from a local gem to a national treasure with the launch of our online store, making our products accessible to everyone. Our story is one of dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to helping you shine from the inside out. So go ahead, embrace your inner glow, and let Shine Tanning Solutions help you sparkle like never before.


At SHINE, we believe everyone is unique and beautiful inside and out. Self-care and self-love aren’t luxuries; they’re essentials for living our healthiest lives. When you look your best, you feel your best, and you give your best. Shine is that inner brilliance we all possess. Treat yourself to a healthy glow, free from the dangers of UV rays. Pamper your skin and let your inner light shine. Go ahead, SHINE ON.

Tan woman on purple background
Four women of different ages and ethnicities, smiling and standing close together, wearing various shades of purple and pink swimsuits, against a dark grey background.

Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine self-care, making it accessible and essential for everyone. We strive to provide top-quality spray tanning services in a welcoming environment where you can feel confident, pampered, and radiant. Our goal is to help you enhance your outer beauty while nurturing a sense of inner confidence and self-love. At SHINE, it’s not just about getting a tan; it’s about feeling empowered to shine in every aspect of life.

Our Formula

What sets Shine Tanning Solutions apart is our meticulous craftsmanship and custom-developed solutions. We’ve worked with private chemists to perfect our formulas using superior organic ingredients and cutting-edge technology. A standout feature is the subtle infusion of a purple base, which counteracts any brassiness, ensuring a flawless tan. Through comprehensive consultations, we tailor our eight distinct solutions to meet each client's unique needs, providing a personalized, radiant experience.

A row of white plastic jugs with purple and black labels, branded with the Shine logo, lined up on a countertop. The labels indicate that the product inside is a tanning solution.
A collage of images showcasing Shine Tanning Solutions products and services, including models using tanning products, bottles of mousse and tan drops, and people receiving spray tans. The images are arranged against a dark background.

Our Commitment

At Shine Tanning Solutions, we’re all about empathy, exceptional customer service, and fostering a positive, enjoyable atmosphere. We offer a complimentary 24-hour touch-up service to ensure you continue to shine during your special moments. Our dedication to continuous training, growth, and support for aspiring entrepreneurs remains unwavering. We believe in working together to overcome challenges and ensuring every client walks away feeling confident, cared for, and beautifully tanned.

Meet the Founder

Angie Ruh set out to revolutionize the beauty industry with a vision centered on health and natural radiance. With a background in esthetics, Angie was driven by a passion for creating a safer, more luminous tanning experience. Over the past two decades, her unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence has made her a leader in the field.


Angie's dedication extends beyond product creation; it's about transforming how people perceive and achieve beauty. Her pursuit of healthier alternatives to traditional tanning methods underscores her deep care for her clients' well-being. She empowers individuals to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, establishing herself as a true pioneer in the industry.


"At Shine Tanning Solutions, we're all about helping you shine your light and feel beautiful in your own skin," says Angie. Her mission is to inspire confidence and self-love in everyone she touches. Angie Ruh's journey is a testament to the power of passion and vision, lighting the way for a more radiant and healthy approach to beauty. Shine on, indeed.

Angie Ruh, the founder of Shine Tanning Solutions, sitting on a plush purple chair, smiling, dressed in a black top and white pants. Next to her is a small table with a vase of flowers. The background features a dark wall with a neon sign that reads 'Shine On'

Shine On 💜

Thank you for being part of the Shine Tanning Solutions family. Over the past two decades, we’ve illuminated countless lives with the glow of confidence and radiance. Our journey is an ongoing quest to empower you to embrace your innate beauty and shine brilliantly. Remember, your light is unique, beautiful, and deserving of celebration. Let it radiate with confidence and grace, and inspire others to do the same. Here’s to many more years of shining brightly together.

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